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PKTO Holiday Meetup/Dinner

We will be getting together during the holidays like always this year to enjoy some laughs and food and (more...)

Halloween Meet @ TheMonkeyVault

This year we will be having a full costume halloween meet at The Monkey Vault! People have been wanting (more...)

Summer Meet 2009 Details (CHANGED DAILY)

Here are the tentative final meet places and times. Subject to change, so please be aware, but this is (more...)

Summer Meet 2009!

I can't believe it's already that time again... Wow!

Summer meet 2009 is going to be our 5th, that's (more...)

Parkour in Oakville!

In an effort to help revive the Oakville Parkour scene, Neil has taken it upon himself to start the meets (more...)

Parkour/Ninjutsu Training Thurs night

This is a super cool opportunity for some of you that either take martial arts or love martial arts or (more...)

Girls Meet Reminder, May 10th!

Just a headsup for those that don't check too often, there's another girls meet (more...)